At the moment we just provide windows binary, but it is rather easy to compile the DynaMind-Toolbox on Linux (tested on Ubuntu and ArchLinux) as well as on MacOSX


For windows we provide a version with the complete Python environment need to run DynaMind. The Python environment is installed in the DynaMind folder and therefor will not effect your existing Python installation. Or without the Python environment. If DynaMind does not start please install the Visual C 2008 Runtime x86

Current Release

Older Releases

Compiling from source:

Python environment

If you used DynaMind-Toolbox_with_Python you can ignore the following section.

  • Reimport 1.3: the easiest way to install  Reimport 1.3 is using easy_install. Easy_install is part of see setuptools.

Optional Python packages to run the basic modules

Source Code

The source code available  is released on  github