DynaMind is an open-source GIS modelling toolbox similar to the ArcGIS – model builder. The idea is that small reusable modules can be linked together to describe a complex workflow in an urban environment. E.g. the evolution of a small city

The heart of the DynaMind-Toolbox is a small efficient core written in C++. The core provides easy to use interfaces to develop new modules in C++ or Python and to access the data in the data stream.

The DyanMind-Toolbox provides a collection of modules and a graphical user interface to assembly simulations.

DynaMind is developed under the GPL v2 and you can find the source code on github


To make DynaMind more accessible by non-expert we are developing the online platform DAnCEKit. Try it online (http://dance4water.eng.monash.edu)


  • Urban Development

  • Infrastructure Development